certified hand therapy

Certified Hand Therapy Philosophy

Certified Hand Therapy

Personal, Integrative, High-Quality Therapy

Certified hand therapy provider Laura McCarthy, OTR, CHT founded LB Hand Therapy in 1993. Since then, she has led her team in providing Maryland’s best hand therapy for injuries from the shoulder to the fingertips.

In addition to certified hand therapy, we take a similar approach to ergonomic products and ergonomic workplace solutions.

What Distinguishes LB Hand Therapy

Personal Service

We know your name – before checking your chart.

When you check in for your certified hand therapy appointment, you can expect to be greeted by name and with a smile. We value your time and never over-schedule, so you can expect one on one time with your hand therapist during each treatment session.

Integrative Approach

We treat the whole body.

Your injury might seem isolated to one part of your body. But if you’re like many patients, your injury could be affecting your entire outlook on life. Occupational therapy focuses on healing the whole person in order to improve daily life and functionality. Our certified hand therapist and occupational therapist promote the healing of bodily injuries and boost your self-esteem as they help you view the healing process as a positive turning point in your life.

High-Quality Treatment

Our livelihood is helping you preserve yours.

For some of our patients, including members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, their hands are their livelihood. Others need their hands to do their favorite hobbies and athletic activities. Regardless of the patient’s age or occupation, we provide the highest-quality care and support.

Results-Oriented Services

All of our services – certified hand therapy and ergonomic support – are results-oriented. Each session, whether conducted in-office  or via telemedicine, is designed to be productive toward the goal.

Most of our patients complete their recommended number of treatment sessions and achieve a full recovery. Many are able to return to their favorite activities as therapy is being completed. Visit our Results page to learn more about what our hand therapy patients have experienced.

Meet Our Team

If you’d like to meet the people behind the philosophy, please visit our Team page.

How to Become a Patient

Does our philosophy sound appealing to you? If so, please visit our Where to Begin page for more information about becoming a patient. You can also find answers to common questions about hand therapy on our FAQs page.