Simple Stretches for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Last week you learned all about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, or TOS for short. Today we’ll go over our three favorite stretches we like to give patients.


Doorway Stretch

For this stretch you’ll wrap your hand on a doorjamb and start to turn your body away from the door gently. You will then turn your neck to the opposite side of you arm. If this is too much, start with just turning your body. This should be a gentle stretch, not painful. If you begin to feel pain or numbness in your fingers, you should stop the stretch.



Armpit Stretch

For this stretch, you will put your hand on the back of your head, you will bend your neck to look at your armpit of the arm you have lifted. You can apply gentle pressure with your fingers onto your the back of your head. Again if this elicits pain or numbness, you should stop the stretch.



Neck Retraction

For this stretch, you will first start by sitting up tall. You will then tuck your chin in towards the back of your neck, remembering to look straight ahead the entire time (so no twisting or bending neck). Basically you will pull your chin back and give yourself a double chin.


We typically recommend these exercises once per day, with low repetitions. Anytime you’re dealing with nerves you have to ease into it. Gradually you’ll add another session and another session until you’re up to three per day. We recommend you hold the stretch at least 10 seconds. Please consult your therapist or other health professional before beginning any exercise routine


Julie Williford MOT, OTR/L

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