telemedicine in maryland

Telemedicine in Maryland

Telemedicine in Maryland

The Convenient Way to Live with Less Pain

Telemedicine in Maryland is simply the electronic transfer of medical information from a healthcare provider to a patient.

At LB Hand Therapy, telemedicine is one of our fastest-growing services. Why? Because it’s convenient and time-saving for our patients. They enjoy the convenience of digital communication while still maintaining the personal, one-on-one relationship with their hand therapist.

How Telemedicine in Maryland Works

During hand therapy sessions delivered via telemedicine, your hand therapist will communicate with you either by telephone or online video chat.

Services Available Via Telemedicine

Certain therapy treatments require a hands-on approach. Thus, there are treatment protocols for which telemedicine in Maryland is not suitable.

Your hand therapist will conduct your first appointment in the LB Hand Therapy office  and then decide if telemedicine could be just as effective for you as in-office treatment.

The following services have the potential to be delivered via telemedicine, depending on your treatment protocol:

Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine makes appointments more convenient for busy patients who may be pressed for time due to work, family, and other obligations.

Here are some of the additional benefits of telemedicine in Maryland for patients:

  • Allows for more frequent appointments
  • Reduces the chances of missed or cancelled appointments and associated fees.

Telemedicine and Billing

Telemedicine is growing in popularity, and it is available as a special service that must be paid for out-of-pocket. The patient is responsible for all telemedicine costs, which are often the price of a co-pay. Please check with your insurance to see if telemedicine costs are covered. Medicare may cover the costs of telemedicine, but we encourage all patients to clarify – in advance – whether this service is covered.

How to Get Started

Telemedicine is an option that you can choose when you receive hand therapy services , or ergonomic workplace assessment.

Please visit our Where to Begin page for more information about becoming a client. You can also learn answers to common questions about telemedicine on our FAQs page.

Check out our hand therapy exercise videos on YouTube to supplement Telemedicine services.